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Can Leather Case Get Wet And Can I Clean Leather Case?

1. can apple leather case get wet? Genuine leather absorbs water and steam, when it comes to liquid, it can easily be stain.Genuine leather is like human skin, it can get cut or scratched, so it’s very important to treat it with care. On stubborn stains, wipe the area down with a damp cloth (not […]

How to maintain leather

Each leather is produced through a unique way, and after the results of a special production process generated, so there is no general rule applicable to all maintenance of leather. About leather care, avoid the following scenario: 1. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. 2. Avoid contact with leather with the following products: alcohol (perfume), oil […]

About the production of premium leather

After nearly 20 processes, a piece of natural cowhide has formed an advantageous leather fabric. In order to better understand this process, we will summarize it as follows: 1. Infiltration: Soak the leather in the drum to regain the water lost during the initial salinization. 2. Lime dipping: The first step of removing the fur […]