How to maintain leather

Each leather is produced through a unique way, and after the results of a special production process generated, so there is no general rule applicable to all maintenance of leather.

About leather care, avoid the following scenario:

1. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

2. Avoid contact with leather with the following products: alcohol (perfume), oil products (such as lipstick), ink and pens, which will cause irreparable results, and leave permanent marks.

3. Water can also cause impact on the leather, easy to leave traces of opaque, too much water will cause difficult to eliminate protrusions.


To remind you, aniline leather are advised to avoid prolonged heat and humidity in the environment, the water splashed varying degrees will leave traces on the surface.


The leather products are well maintained and can be used for a long time without breaking. I like the leather products you like here.

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