How to measure size and make dogs like wearing a collar

The type of collar is very important, but the size is also very important. If it is too small, the dog will feel stressed and the body will collapse. In addition, if the size is too large, it may fall off during walking, so it is necessary to match the appropriate size.

The main points of measuring size are as follows:

1. Measure the size around the head and neck, and the surplus state of 2 fingers is the best size.

2. When measuring the size around the head, lift your ears to measure.

3. If it is a long-haired species, the hair should be separated and measured. I hope to use a collar of the right size to live comfortably for my dog.


What if the dog doesn’t like collars?

If you want to wear a collar, it is better to get used to wearing it from the time of a puppy. Although there are dogs that can easily accept collars, there are also dogs that hate collars. If you dog don’t like it, follow the steps below to get used to it.

In the first stage, gently wrap the dog’s neck with a bandanna, rope, etc. The effect of tying with a bandanna and rope at first is to make the dog feel the restraint, so that the dog can adapt quickly. Because it’s the easiest to get used to when you dog are a puppy, So, start wearing a collar when your dog is young.

In the second stage, touch the collar to get used to the touch. Don’t wear the collar suddenly, but touch the collar to the dog’s neck like a bandanna and rope to make it feel.

In the third stage, if it takes too long to wear a collar, it will bring pressure to the dog. Therefore, the breeder should practice in advance to smoothly wear the collar. The timing of wearing a collar is very important, so put it on as soon as the dog concentrates on eating.

Also, all stages are the same, please praise and reward the dog if you don’t hate it. The key is to make the dog feel that wearing a collar is a good thing.

Finally, I wish all dogs grow up healthy and happy.

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