Alcantara Material Shockproof Shell Dust/Dirt Proof Case for AirPods 1/2


【Alcantara Material】 Alcantara is being used currently as a flame-retardant driver seat covering material for Formula One race cars, including the Williams Formula One 2011 FW33 car. It is also used as a covering material for high-end headphones including the Sennheiser HD800, the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear, and Bose QuietComfort 35 as well as for other consumer products such as Microsoft’s Alcantara Surface Pro 4 cover. Alcantara is also used in SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule
【360-Degree Protection】All-round protection design philosophy, Skin-friendly Automotive grade cloth cover protects your AirPods Charging Case against scratches, dirt and daily wear and tear

  • [Alcantara]-Black
  • [Alcantara]-Blue
  • [Alcantara]-Dark Green
  • [Alcantara]-Grey
  • [Alcantara]-Peach
  • [Alcantara]-Red
  • [Cow Leather]-Black
  • [Cow leather]-Brown
  • [Cow Leather]-Dark Blue
  • [Cow leather]-Green
  • [Cow Leather]-Purple
  • [Cow Leather]-Red
  • [Cow Leather]-Yellow
  • [Litchi Grain]-Army Green
  • [Litchi Grain]-Black
  • [Litchi Grain]-Candy Red
  • [Litchi Grain]-Cobalt Blue
  • [Litchi Grain]-Grayish White
  • [Litchi Grain]-Honey Yellow
  • [Litchi Grain]-Light Pink
  • [Litchi Grain]-Navy Blue
  • [Litchi Grain]-Shamrock Green
  • [Litchi Grain]-Tawny Brown
  • [Sheep leather]-Black
  • [Sheep leather]-Earthy Brown
  • [Sheep leather]-Midnight Blue
  • [Sheep leather]-Pink
  • [Sheep leather]-Red