Leather Case for Apple AirTags Tracker with Spring Keychain(3 Pack)


【Excellent Design】Special design in case profile、cosmetic、funcation and color selction are for Apple Airtags Leather case to ensure the device can’t be scratched 、shocked 、broken and lose,moreover to be convinent for connection with Keychain、bag、pet necklace、suitcase and so on like the picture showing.
【Precise Process of Manufacturing】Accurate Die cut and forming tooling are to ensure all key dimensions of case stableable that making the Airtags device in case pocket with comfortable and suitable , Precise stitching process to get the strength well and the fashionable cosmetic that to make you like it.
【High Quality Materials】The case is made of 100% genuine Leather with (white,gray,purple) color to make it stylish、 natural、soft and durable, the more improtant one point is to get longer life time of using. Another one is high quality edge painting with evirmental paint to decorate around of case edges that prefectly match with case corlor.

  • purple,blue,pink
  • purple,white,gray
  • red,blue,black