Leather Folio Flip Cover Shell Credit Card Holder for iPhone 12 Pro Max


Compatible model-only for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7″, please check your phone model before purchasing this product.
Made of high-quality cowhide + TPU inner shell, the leather surface is waterproof, scratch-resistant and fingerprint-proof. The classic leather protective cover gives a deep impression. It has a comfortable feel, is practical and easy to maintain. The exquisite stitches and cutting process are refined by skilled workers.
The wallet protector can support 3 important IDs or credit card holders, and has a side pocket for storing money or other business cards. It can block RFID signals and prevent unauthorized scanners from protecting your card information. The protective cover is designed to use the shielding material of RFID shielding technology to protect your card information and prevent it from being stolen.

  • black
  • Brown
  • Dark Blue
  • Purple
  • Wine red
  • Yellow
  • iphone 12 pro max - 6.7''