Leather Holster Case with Executive Belt Clip for iPhone 12 Pro Max


SPECIALLY CUSTOMIZED FOR Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with no case or very slim case – This horizontal holster case is specifically designed to provide durable protection to your AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max with slim or no case (too small for phones with thick cases). Interior Dimensions are 6.62 X 3.26 X 0.46 in.
SOLID PROTECTION – Turtleback presents a heavy-duty phone pouch case for maximum protection of your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. The exterior of the pouch is made from premium bonded leather materials. Meanwhile, its interior is felt-lined to keep dust and dirt out. Rest assured that this leather case can protect your gadget against falls and scratches.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN – This cell phone pouch features an attractive flush design and strong rare-earth neodymium magnet flap closure. Plus, the case has a bottom hole for gripping your electronic device when you remove it. You are assured that your smartphone will not fall off with the premium magnetic closures.

  • Black Leather - Flush Clip Horiz
  • Black Leather - Flush Clip Vert
  • Black Leather - Metal Clip Horiz
  • Black Leather - Metal Clip Vert
  • Nylon - Metal Belt Clip Horiz
  • Nylon - Metal Belt Clip Vert