The Debate Of The Century: should i select a tough or soft phone case?

The Debate Of The Century: should i select a tough or soft phone case?
Many people who wish to use soft cases will have this question: Why would someone use a tough phone case, where is that the hard one good to use? successively , people that wish to use hard cases also will ask opposing questions. It’s just like the battle between southerners and northerners over sweet and salty tofu brains, knowing each other’s existence but almost accepting it. in fact there’s also a 3rd case of individuals who just don’t know whether hard shells or soft shells are better.

People who wish to use soft cases are questioning the hard material can’t protect the phone, but actually , the hard material is in a position to guard the phone against a part of the impact at the instant the phone falls to the bottom , then the case may appear to shatter. it’s an equivalent because the hard case sacrifices itself to guard the phone. In turn, people that like hard cases have always felt that soft cases are too easy to yellow, and that they can’t stand to use them for a month. So within the end which one works well? Let’s do a comparison.

First of all, check out the time of yellowing, an equivalent is that the case of transparent shell, transparent material hard shell during a short period of your time won’t yellow, unless you dyed pigment or pigment. While the transparent material of the soft shell about 1 to 2 weeks on the yellowing, with a month later can’t look straight, i think that folks who have used an equivalent feeling.

In terms of thickness, the hard shell are often very thin, the present market publicity 0.3mm is fake , generally can do 0.5 to 0.6mm. But the thinnest limit of the soft shell is at 0.5mm, but so thin soft shell is straightforward to stretch deformation, but also particularly easy to yellow.

In terms of technology processing, hard shell are going to be easier to process, and therefore the color sort of hard shell shape more beautiful. However, as a soft shell material, tpu material also can be done beautifully. But such a shell can only withstand a scratch for the phone, if you mistakenly drop it’ll need to invite more.

Finally, compare the texture aspect, the hard case is fixed in terms of feel, but from the purpose of view of individuals holding the phone for an extended time now, holding the hard case for an extended time will indeed have an uncomfortable feeling. The silicone soft case gives people a way better feeling, soft and delicate on the hand, while holding the phone also can be very comfortable.